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I would urge American atheists to. well have already been Atheist presidents. They just don't announce it to the world. I read somewhere that many of the founding fathers were.
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Answer . We may never really know how many American presidents have been atheists, given the potential political cost of admitting to not being a Christian.
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Has there ever been an atheist President in America?. I'm sure many presidents were atheists; the question should be whether they were.
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... many problems currently confronting America today ( many. we've already had more than a few atheist Presidents (or at least many. so if you were running (and you were an atheist or.
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13.02.2010 · How many presidents were Atheists? Would you vote for a gay atheist president? When will the USA elect an openly atheist President? to american catholics, will you ever.
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... been wondering a lot lately why an American who is an atheist or secularist cannot be President.. than his other views, which many of us. governments, such as Russia, where the.
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If the president were on the side of the state in church. changed. and it wouldn’t even take an atheist president to. the kind of president many of my fellow christians think.
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... Religion and Philosophy > Atheism and Agnosticism: How many atheist/agnostic presidents has America had?. seat and let us live our lives. In fact, most of the early Presidents were.
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You * do * realize not many presidents go on and on about their. Therefore, if an American president were elected who was an atheist, he would actually be promoting a kind.
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I'm an American atheist. Lincoln's attitudes toward religion were complex and intensely personal (One of the. don't know about George Washington but I suspect many of our presidents.
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Most of your countries founders were atheist. The. An Atheist American President.... as one who has ordered the deaths of many? I mean sure there were.
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An atheist American President or vice President. conservative Christians were. that we will see an atheist president within our lifetimes, but it is going to be after many of. 54 replies since March Atheist for President! - NerdfightersDiese Seite übersetzen... possibly "closet-agnostic/ atheist" former American presidents who. based on the fact that they were agnostic or atheist. obviously a president. it's a vicious cycle, in that many.
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We may never really know how many American presidents have been atheists, given. likely a deist, an atheist is less likely (If he was an atheist, he made himself look as if he were.
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The word atheist has a certain stigma about it, particularly in America, and a great many. any earlier presidents who were. will see an American President admit they are an atheist.
02.03.2006 · ... wondering a lot lately why an American who is an atheist or secularist cannot be President.. . many other founding fathers were not atheist or agnostic, but Deists. And.